Saturday, January 9, 2010

Who I am

Who am I? I will keep this part simple.

I was born in America, I live in Los Angeles, CA. I am over 25yrs but under 99yrs old.
I am a capricorn.

Ok enough about me.

I want to discuss why am doing this.
I finally decided that enough is enough.

2010 is a magic number and I am ready to make leaps and bounds with my business. I am an extreme advocate for making large amounts of money and creating residual income.
I will find no objections out there, right?..

At this point I am thinking about putting away as much money as possible for my retirement.

I will find thousands out there who will tell me that making large sums of money is not possible legally, or you need money - lots of it to make money.

First of all I have been for the last 5yrs making a living and paying my bills and traveling to Vegas (more than I should). I have a referral business, not an affiliate program since 2005. I also have been investing heavy since 12/2008 in International Bond Funds. I do alright.  My Jewelry Business is a work in progress. I have sold some jewelry and they are nice piece but I have not done the marketing required to move it, but I will do something about it this year.
And then there is my Network Marketing Business

What motivates me in regards to MLM's is the open-check policy that exist.  It states "No Matter Who You Are, Male, Female, White, Black, Latin, Asian, etc, Old, Young, Handicapped, you can write your own check" And actually in most cases receive a residual income.

What is Residual Income:  It is income that is made on a continous bases, from a one time action.  This is my defintion but it gets the point across.  So if I make $5,000 this month, that income will continue next month or next quarter as long as I am in good standing with the company.