Sunday, March 14, 2010


I will present a serious of blogs regarding TWITTER.
This is a great social networking site. Are you probably already aware of how it works and how to sign up.
You probably already have a twitter account with more followers than me.  Thats fine. I dont mind.
What you might not know is this.

Are you using twitter as a business or just friend shopping/keeping in touch.
If you are using it for business, I want to talk to you.

There are ways to get others like you to follow you. 
If you are selling or buying birds and that is your business/passion. You should focus on those people.
First - to twellow  - you will have to sign up there (free). You can do searches based on your subject matter and the who are interested in your subject. (search is free but in order to get them to follow you - sign up).
Next, cotweet - here you can set up muliple accounts. Pretend we are still talking about the bird business. Maybe one twitter account is about exotic birds, so you have special tweets for that, then you have the account that deals with bird watching, and other one that deals with breeding.
You can send out simultaneous tweets of general info to all of your different followers. Your breeding account is your money account. That is the one use to send people to your website where you have birds for sale or birds to breed. Your bird watching account is just information based, perhaps with a link to your blog. I think you get the idea.

Come back for more on twitter

Time and Responsibility

I have not blogged in a while.  I have been very busy from a business standpoint helping out my downline in my business.
What a lot people fail to understand in business is that most of the time our businesses are made or broken by our customers/clients.  How in the world are we going to build our customer/client base unless we actively take the time to develop relationships.  I have almost 100 people in my downline and I take the time to talk to them when they need help/instruction or incouragement.  That is just my opinion coming from a leadership standpoint.
Next subject:

If you have been seeking a business opportunity with a strong company and leadership, including a powerful compensation plan I may have something that will interest you.

First, It is important for you to be in a place where you are ready to explore your business options.  Ask yourself, "Do I keep my options open." "I'm I even looking seriously for a business opp."
 You have to be ready. Then you will be able to see what is in front of you. At the same time that will attract the right situation. Be positive and focus on what you want.

This video is here to show some of you what I am trying express. You have to be ready to receive the information in order to understand what you are hearing and seeing.
Your success is directly tied into your ability to see the opportunity presented.

If I have your attention:

I have figured out there are some key elements when it comes to new business opportunites in this new age.
  • When learning something new - ARE YOU TRAINABLE (TAKE DIRECTION)
Whether you take baby steps or giant leaps you must be willing to work consistantly to bring your dreams to life.
I dont care what business you are in. If you belive in it and it is fundamentally sound, then your sucess is dependent on you.

Take responsibility

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